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About this Document Portal

Requirements for Developers

Developers are encouraged to discuss their plans with G-MWat an early stage in the project planning to ensure appropriate decisions are made.

In many instances, developers must comply with G-MW's, so it is important to know and understand these requirements prior to commencing works.

Constructing on or near G-MW assets

Approval is required for any planting, utility installations (such as pump stations, crossings, suction lines) and construction on or near G-MW assets.

The Application process for constructing on / or near G-MW assets is available here.

Checking your development meets our standard requirements

This Document Portal - G-MW Standard Conditions outlines our typical requirements for development of new infrastructure for G-MW in new urban evelopments.

The manual aims to provide you with information that will enable self assessment of most of G-MW's standard requirements.

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About Goulburn-Murray Water

What we do

Goulburn-Murray Water manages water storage, delivery and drainage systems involving 70% of Victoria's stored water. We harvest, store and deliver water, ensuring availability for all customers. More about Goulburn-Murray Water .


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